Pathways to Farming: Sowing the seeds of success.

Mach Maethlon is delighted to announce that it has appointed Katie Hastings (left) and Jodie Griffith (right) to be joint coordinators of the exciting new project Pathways to Farming.

Based in Machynlleth and Newtown, this project is aimed at increasing the amount of locally grown food and produce in North Powys. Katie and Jodie’s work will include creating new local markets and networks, and organising events, training and resources for aspiring growers.

Katie and Jodie have backgrounds in horticulture, local food production, marketing and community development. Building on their existing connections with Mach Maethlon and the Centre for Alternative Technology in Machynlleth and Cultivate food cooperative and Cwm Harry in Newtown, they will develop this three year project, funded by Arwain and the Ashley Family Foundation to play a part in bringing a vibrant local food economy for the tourists, visitors, residents and businesses of North Powys.

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