Land owners

Do you have unused land which somebody could use?

Are you struggling to grow on all your land?

Do you want to help other people to grow more local food?

You can loan your land to Dyfi Land Share to be used by others. To be added to our land share map it’s helpful if you can provide some info about your land such as:

  • How much land you are offering.
  • When people could access it.
  • If you have any facilities people could use such tools, sheds, toilet etc.

Offering your land to a grower can have many benefits – your land is used and doesn’t go wild, you are helping a local person access growing space, you are supporting local food production, you may get given crops from your land and you might gain a friend in your grower.

The idea of a land share is that you are loaning a piece of land for a person to use independently from you. While we hope you can get along and maybe sometimes work together, land sharing is not for people who would like someone to grow / maintain their plants for them.

The growers who use your land will have their own ideas about what they want to grow and when they want to do this within the area of land you agree to let them use.

It’s important to take your time to find the right grower for your land, someone who will understand and respect your boundaries.

We can offer template land agreements and advice on how to agree on things such as how produce will be shared, how long the land can be used for and exactly what land is to be shared.

Although the agreement is not a legal contract, it gives a set of agreed boundaries in writing in order to prevent problems further down the line.

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