Healthy, Local, Seasonal, Fresh Fruit & Veg from growers in the Dyfi Valley

Just £12 weekly membership

To SIGN UP for a bag please contact Sabrina or 01654 700115
Or you can sign up straight away using our sign up form – either print and return to address listed or return by email.

A Green-Isle Growers Veg Bag is a partnership between you and your growers from the Dyfi Valley. By making a commitment to buy fresh, healthy, local veg for the season you are supporting several local growers to continue to produce healthy food for local people, and protect the local landscape with chemical free, ecological growing practices.

With this scheme you can enjoy:

    • Eating high quality weekly Fresh, Healthy, Local Fruit and Vegetables
    • Know where your food comes from – and shake hands with your growers
    • Grower site trips through the season
    • Exclusive access to local unpasteurised goat and cow milk
    • Lower your carbon footprint
    • Improve regional biodiversity on ecological growing sites
  • Support your local economy to thrive positively

For £12, you will receive a weekly box with about 8 portions of different vegetables (and occasional seasonal fruit). This box will feed 1–3 people, depending on how much fresh stuff you eat.

Boxes will be dropped off at our collection point in Machynlleth on a Wednesday afternoon.

Our vegetables are fresh and high value.

During the summer season you can expect things such as salad, microsalad, tomatoes, beans, spinach, peppers, mange-tout, beetroot, onions, garlic, leeks, squash and cucumbers. During this time you will not be receiving weekly portions of cheap bulk crops such as potato, onion and carrot. These crops will appear in the bags when seasonal and local, but will not be a weekly staple.

During the winter months we will supplement our veg bags with organic vegetables from further afield. We will source these vegetables as locally as possible (they will come from further afield within the UK where necessary). We are working towards producing local vegetables year around.

Due to seasonal fluctuations the volume of veg may vary from time to time, but will level out over the weeks.

We ask that you do not take holiday breaks, as this leaves us with crops ready to harvest and no one to eat them. Some people share their box with friends while they are away, others give to a neighbour. We can arrange breaks if you are away for over a month, so please contact us if this is the case.

Any Questions – 01654 700115